Multi -country children say festive wish, looking forward to a better future

Multi -country children say festive wish, looking forward to a better future

  ▲ On May 27th, at the Tanda School in northern Rwanda, students beckoned to reporters.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Gili Photo for many children, the "June 1" International Children’s Day every year is full of joy. But for those who are still troubled by war, poverty and safety issues, their wish this year’s children’s Day is looking forward to a better future. For the 11 -year -old Palestinian Garlus Girl Farha Selim, June 1, this year, was the first Children’s Day after her amputation. During the large -scale conflict of Pakistani last year, her home was blown up by the Israeli fighter air attack, and she lost her right leg in the air strike.

But Selim did not feel pessimistic because of this. She smiled from time to time during the interview. "Although my life has changed a lot after amputation, life still has to continue."

  When it comes to Children’s Day wish, I rented Selim, who lived with her family, said, "I want to return to the former home earlier." She also hoped that there was no more conflict, "I don’t want other children to be like me like me experience".

  In the eastern suburbs of Damascus, the capital of Syrian, 14 -year -old Hibaba Musa and their families live in an unfinished residential building. Eight years ago, in order to avoid war and escape from their hometown, their family of eight were crowded in two ruined rooms.

  When the reporter asked Mouza Children’s Day, she replied that the biggest wish was to continue to be educated so that she could "support parents and improve the situation." Bernis, who lives in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago, is 11 years old and is a sixth grade student in elementary school. At the end of May, the shooting in a primary school in Texas, the United States, was shocking and also worried her about her future life. Speaking of this year’s child’s wishes, Bernis sincerely wishes all children to have good luck and everyone can respect each other.

"I hope that one day, the world is peaceful, no environmental pollution, no war, everyone can live happily." At the Tanta School in northern Rwanda, 12 -year -old Stera Ishimvi wore a pair of large blue plastic Slippers, leaning on the classroom wall, a little shy. "Football is my favorite sport. I often play with my classmates.

My wish is to be a doctor, my favorite subject is science. Ishimvi told reporters.

  Ishimvi is currently in the sixth grade of elementary school. She is the second child in the ranks. She goes to the nearby well to make water at home every day. Like many other children, she pulls slippers and walk along the curved and potholes. go to school. In order to welcome Children’s Day, the Rwanda Overseas Chinese Association recently launched a caring donation activity at Tanda School, and has donated gifts such as food, learning supplies and clothing to children and individuals in Luqiao community and individuals.

  Ishimvi and her partners received new shoes as holiday gifts. She smiled and said, "I like school, I believe I can complete my studies.

"Children are the hope of a country and nation and the future of the development of friendly relations between the country.

In order to celebrate Children’s Day, Chinese Embassies, Chinese Enterprises and Chinese Associations actively actively act in many countries, and have organized a variety of activities. From donating stationery foods, holding Chinese and foreign children’s online literature and art gala to promise assistance and expansion schools, etc. Use practical actions to help children from all countries realize their wishes.

  "In the past years to celebrate Children’s Day in previous years, we will organize writing and painting competitions to celebrate Children’s Day. The winners will receive prizes such as books, stationery.

"The gift donated by the Overseas Chinese Association this year will further help students carry out learning and extracurricular activities." These gifts are a symbol of friendship between the Chinese people and our school and the people of the Rwanda. "(Participate in reporters: Liu Weijian, Wang Jian, Xu Jing Gilly) Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 1st Editor: Zhang Meixia.