Tax and fee services have temperature rural revitalization speed

Tax and fee services have temperature rural revitalization speed

The villagers in Dunbay Town, Kaizhou District, were handled in the invoice generation in the postal opening point. Together, the tax payment of tax payment is convenient to double Chongqing with the geographical characteristics of Dashan District, large rural areas, and many towns are far from the city. In recent years, in order to optimize the tax business environment, provide more refined service, Chongqing tax system and postal department actively promote tax posts, and make full use of posts and village networks and cover the city’s posts, continuous upgrade "online office, The self-service, reservation office, or the mail, let the convenient tax payment service cover wider, more far, and maximize the payment of township residents.

  Zhang Li, who lives in Town, Caizhou District, often gives a short working in administrative institutions such as local schools, but the other unit needs her to provide invoices when handling labor settlement.

Because I don’t pay taxes and mobile taxes, I have to go to the 35-kilometer tax service department on behalf of the tax, because of the inconvenience of traffic, it is necessary to delay for nearly 4 hours.

Today, she can behalf of the postal outlets in the town. She said: "The door can open to the invoice, saving the toll, saving time." Zhang Li is very acceptable, is the convenience of Chongqing taxation cooperation.

For the issuance of the issuance of the ticket, some taxes and fees, etc., taxpayers can apply at the "taxation hall at home" Data show that as of now, Chongqing has accumulated 1492 postal on behalf of ordinary invoice outlets. As of November 16, in 2021, Chongqing has accumulated that the post on behalf of ordinary invoice, and the amount of the invoice exceeded 9.7 billion yuan. It is understood that the Chongqing Municipal Taxation Bureau also issued a list of tax-related payment matters, and the tax-related business online office is 214, of which 203 can be used.

At the same time, launch 32 online appointment tax issues, 25 phones are tax-related matters, and the tax payment is more efficient.

  The tax payment service network in the depths of the mountain is richer, and the tax payment "walking" has become a normal state. For those who live remote, especially the use of unskilled, inconvenient, inconvenient, and inappropriate, it is especially important to settle the tax payment in remote areas. Chongqing Fengjie County Taxation Bureau Xinglong Taxation is on the Jukan Mountain and Wushan Mountains. Here is 70 kilometers away from the county, 800-1400 meters above sea level is the most remote tax office in Fengjie County. It is also the highest-level tax office in Chongqing.

In order to facilitate the cripples to pay the tax payment, the tax office still retains two service windows and leaflets. "Others bought a batch of mineral water from me, how do I give him a ticket?" Recently, Chen Po, who has been seventeen years old, came to Xinglong Tax Office. It turned out that Chen Po was operating a small soldier.

Recently, she sold a batch of mineral water to the nearby construction site, and the other party needs an invoice to check out.

  After detailed understanding, the tax staff helped Chen mother-in-law to complete the invoice. "My daughter is still worried about myself, thank you for your enthusiasm.

"Get the opening of the invoice, Chen Po is expressly expressing.

  In addition to the Xinglong Tax Office of Fengjie County Taxation Bureau, many county tax companies in Chongqing have retained remote tax office, such as Jiangkuo Taxation Office, Wushan County, Wushan County, in Yunyang County … Up to now, the Chongqing Taxation Bureau retains 242 taxes in township, extending the tentacles of Chongqing tax services to the corners of the township, helping the local economic and social development. The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Taxation Bureau said that the Chongqing tax department will focus on the pain points, difficulties, blockages of the main tax payment of the rural market, and constantly optimize the tax payment method, continue to reduce the tax payment burden, to revitalize more tax for the rural invitation .

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