Top Flow Fund Manager investigates "new joy" big bottom! Popular plate people are priest to the past

Top Flow Fund Manager investigates "new joy" big bottom! Popular plate people are priest to the past

  Since the fourth quarter, does the fund manager have a new action? Thousands of billions of top Liu Yanchun’s attention from "drinking medicine" to new energy, Gao Yi assets Zhu Li Wei, Sun Qingrui and Deng Xiaofeng collective "new joy", "the eyes" "tooth" has become "past". "

  With the disclosure of the four-quarter institutional research, the transfer of the fund manager is revealed. The hot plate people have shown that, as of November 18th, since the fourth quarter, there have been a total of more than 30 fund companies, and a popular company with "growth" "technology" and other attributes have been concerned. After the third quarter, the investment value of the new energy industry chain is getting appreciated. On November 15th, the Lithium Conceptual stock Yongmai Technology received 39 fund companies research, Xingquan Fund, China-Europe Fund, China-Europe Fund, Yong Win Fund, Galaxy Fund and other institutions in columns. Many star fund managers appeared in the research team of new energy industry chain companies.

On November 3, the investor activities of the new Zengbang disclosed by the electrolyte manufacturer showed that 67 fund companies were passionate.

In the list of research, Liu Yanchun, the 100 billion top-flowing fund manager "Drinking Drinking Drugs" is also there.

  Semiconductor materials are equally received, and many listed companies ushered in the "group" investigation of the fund manager.

  On October 30th, the performance description of Shengsheng Electromechanical will attract 56 fund companies, including harmony and one asset, gather investment, Gao Yi assets, infrared assets, and the three major star fund managers Zhuili , Sun Qingrui and Deng Xiaofeng are rare "same box", and collectively participate in the performance instructions of Shengsheng Electromechanical. "Past" has freshly aggregated from the four-quarter institutional research situation, and institutional investors cool down the enthusiasm of the pharmaceutical industry.

Last year, "God Mao" "tooth" once became the investigators of institutional investors. Even compared with the second and third quarters of this year, the four-quarter institution investor has been quite obvious.

  As of November 18, there were only one fund company in the fourth quarter to investigate the "eyes" Il eye department.

According to the three quarter report released by the Eye Ophthalmology, Zhang Kun, "Public Extreme Brother", has reached a million shares.

In addition, Gao Yu also reduced the Eye Ophthalmology, withdraw from the top ten circulation shares shareholders. As of November 18, only 2 fund companies have survived the "Tooth" General Teachers. As of September 30, there were only 4 funds that had general funds, a total of 10,000 shares; and at the end of the second quarter, a total of 634 funds held a company.

  In fact, since this year, the trend of the pharmaceutical industry has experienced a big land, and the medical theme fund also faces no small pressure.

Industry insiders believe that the medical board market has been in a downward trend. Part of the reason is that the company has accumulated a large increase in recent years; the other reason is that public hospital medical and management quality improvement, private hospitals or will face a round of shuffle. Looking for a market opportunity fund company’s research on listed companies to find a market opportunity.

In the current environment, the market hotspot is scattered, and the style is speed-up. The fund company is also cautious to correct your own point of view.

  In the structural market since this year, the basic marginal stocks have become the general consensus of the fund manager.

As a fund manager says, in the structural market, diligent fine collection will make investment farther.

  In terms of the industry, Lee Dehui, the Morgan Fund Manager, believes that the probability of cycle stocks has ended, and the future investment opportunities mainly have two directions: one is the growth of the race, such as this year’s performance, semiconductor industry; Traditional core asset assets in similar consumer industries.

Relatively speaking, the performance of new energy vehicles may be more dominant because it is faster growth, and the penetration is still rapidly improved. Wei Fengchun, chief macro strategy analyst, said that 2022 suggestions continue to pay attention to two main lines: one is a new energy car, military, photovoltaic, etc., which is the industry, such as a car. Parts, pig industries, shipbuilding, etc.

(Editor: Jiang Ji).