The opera "Zhou Enlai" is carefully polished, and the new appearance of the prime minister’s image is the light stage.

The opera "Zhou Enlai" is carefully polished, and the new appearance of the prime minister’s image is the light stage.

Our reporter Chen Jie Zhou Enlai, this is a glorious name, the immortal name, whenever we mention this name is very warm, very proud.

On November 3, the Jiangsu Provincial Committee Propaganda Department is guided, the Jiangsu Provincial Performing Arts Group, the Central Propaganda Department, Wenxiong Department, China Wenmpions "celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the performance of the excellent stage art work show" The Opera "Zhou Enlai" debut Jiangsu Grand Theater, the way of opera, and sighs the initiality and belief of a generation of model.

"The morning, the West Flower Hall, the dark fragrance floats …" The melodious song is accompanied by the magnificent music, and opened the scene of the performance. In 1960, the Ministers of the South China Sea Western Flower, the Republic gathered here, waiting for the premiere of Premier Zhou.

The new China, a new China has just begun, but suddenly encounters the difficulties and challenges of the Soviet withdrawal.

"It is related to national sovereignty, heaven and big difficulties, we start, our waist is not bent, we bravely bear …" A blue Zhongshan dress, "Zhou Enlai" stepped on the stage.

How to use a short two hours to highlight the spirit? The opera "Zhou Enlai" focuses on the unique romantic way of opera, focusing on the dramatic scenes of the "chemical crisis as the transfer", to show his great personality and noble sentiment. Before the night, he worked in the desk under the lamp; in the style of a simple living room, he encouraged the minister to tall the birder; he still pills in the sate of him, he worked in the old people … "Xiangjiang Battle" "Zunyi Conference "The" Bandung Conference "is constantly flashing on the stage through projection. In the viewing experience, the viewer who has echoed in and the real time and space, the audience is more deeply" walking into "such a wise, diligent , Persist in the heart of the independent protagonist. This is not the first time the opera "Zhou Enlai" appeared.

On October 15, 2019, "Zhou Enlai" as the opening ceremony of the "Central Music Academy · Yan’an 10 · 15 Art Festival" in Yan’an Grand Theater, won the warm and praise of the local audience, praised "Zhou Premier, a wish, also Round the 46th Dream of Yan’an People. " Then, the play is a new stage show in the 2019 Zijin Cultural Art Festival, and the "Special Award" of the 2019 Zijin Culture Art Festival was won.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. After more than a year, the play is staged on May 5 this year, on the 6th, on November 3rd, on the 4th, the Jiangsu Grand Theater two days.

"Zhou Enlai" has been full of venues since the first performance, and the harvest countless praise? The famous composer Tang Jianping is the composition of the drama.

"It is the original intention of his creation to show the audience to the audience. And every performance, in interactive communication with the viewer, works are constantly improving and upgrading.

The latest rearrangement version has been revised in the stage presentation and band assembly. Tang Jianping also wrote a piece of music for Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao.

"After some adjustment, I found the music theme that suits the prime minister, which is both impassioned and long, and the connotation is deep, and more close to the characters." Continuously improved actors’ performances.

In order to let the prime minister to "stand" on the opera stage, Zhou Enlai’s player, the male high-calorie concert is in charge of the role. The power of the opera, and Zhou Prime Minister’s honor and dismutation, it is necessary to continue to figure out "à la carteness". "Every time I exceed Premier, I feel that there is a new thing ‘long’ in me.

"After 80, I’m going to watch a lot of information, repeatedly watched the historical documentary, after participating in the" Great Journey "celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, he has a more profound understanding of Zhou Prime Minister’s role," in the Bird’s Nest Performance " After that, my heart is very shocking, and it is more determined that as a literary worker to deliver the red classic to the audience. This time, "Zhou Enlai" rearranged, I deeply felt the prime minister’s big love, emotion of the people The expression is richer, I hope that the audience can see a different prime minister image. "In the director Xing Dynasty," real history "and" blurred stage "are the power of the drama.

He said that the reporter said, "Zhou Enlai" creation, the master creation team went deep into the party history experts, detail the relevant information, and went several times to Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province, Huai’an Memorial Memorial, Zhou Enlai, Nanjing Meiyuan New Village Memorial Hall Learn the spirit of great people. Only the script has made more than ten times, and the dance beauty design has been changed for dozens of times. They didn’t really restore the low-style architectural style in the Western Flower Hall, but increased "West Flower Hall" to 9 meters on the stage to show the power of the opera and the great personality of Premier Zhou Enlai. A excellent work can better play the strength of the literary, and the spiritual blood. Zheng Zeyun, secretary of the Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, said that Jiangsu is Zhou Premier Hometown, actively studying and practicing spiritual spirit, so that more people will be a new era in the spirit of Zhou Enlai, and the struggle, is Jiangsu Yisheng Responsibility and service. The opening of the opera "Zhou Enlai" is a hundred years of rushing to build a hundred years, and it is educated to play, and the education of party history is far-penetrating. For young actors who participated in the performance of the Opera Dance Series in Jiangsu Province, the performance of the opera "Zhou Enlai" will benefit from a lot. I played Li De ‘s Tong Zhun in the drama, he said: "I am honored."

In the opponent play with ‘Zhou Prime Minister’, I repeatedly studied the inner heart, I hope to make the character less than a single, let the audience feel a character with blood. "Xu Shanshan, the vice minister of the opera group of female scientists, said:" The rehearsal process is also a party history education process, we deeply feel the great spirit of Prime Minister. ".