Strengthen grassroots party construction leads rural resolution

Strengthen grassroots party construction leads rural resolution

"Do a good job in rural areas, realize the revitalization of rural villages, the grassroots party organization must be strong, the party members must exceed the hard" "Rural work, the rural grassroots organization is critical" … The party’s 18th National Congress, for the new The Rural Grassroots Organization Construction of the Times Party provides fundamental follows and powerful ideological weapons.

Rural grassroots party organizations are organizers who implement rural revitalization strategies, promoters and implementors, to adhere to the initial heart, strive to continue to promote the historical mission of rural revitalization, promote the depth of grassroots party construction and rural rejuvenation, and to explore unique Characteristic revitalization road.

Adhere to the deepening of party building leading rural governance and promoting rural good governance. Further promoting the ability of the grassroots party organization, the combat power is significantly increased, and the combat fortress and pioneering model effect will be given to condense the pound of the village. First, do a good job in the implementation of the party building leading the revitalization of rural residence, strengthen resource allocation, form working strength, and implement a list of liability. The second is to highlight the leadership of the grassroots party organization, strengthen the decision-making capacity of rural party organizations on all kinds of matters, and provide organizational security and create a clear environment for rural resolution.

Adhere to the optimization of talents to support rural governance and promote rural Huiji.

Promoting the key to the revitalization of rural residences, we must fully mobilize the initiative and creativity of farmers and various talents to participate in rural residence.

First, strengthen the construction of rural talents.

Increase the cultivation of rural high-end talents, cultivate a group of new farmers who understand technology, good management, and management.

The second is to increase the introduction of talents.

Take the nostalgic hometown as a link, improve the policy incentive mechanism, encourage and guide outstanding talents to innovate and start, so that it has become a prosperous army of village. Adhere to strengthening innovation and driving rural governance and promoting rural intelligence. New rural areas should change in the times, and continuously broaden the revitalization ideas in the opportunities and challenges, explore new models of rural governance. First, the industrial integration innovation driver.

Through the collection of industries, the increase in the increasing, realizing the synchronization of rich people and strong villages, the grassroots party organizations should be based on the actual situation, the local system, and the development of the rural specialty industry and the characteristic brand, build a modern agricultural system, and realize the industry.

The second is that the cultural brigade combines innovation. Expanding the value of agricultural function, using the idyllic scenery, green water, village construction, local culture, folk customs and other special resources, development of new industries such as rural tourism, leisure agriculture, cultural experience, healthy and endow, so that the township civilization is spread all over the countryside A corner. Milky journey is stronger, the thousands of times will be re-exited, in the rustic swing of the rural resolution, the grassroots party organizations must lead the "talents, economic, governance" roads, so that the party construction leads the rural revitalization to show the situation of hundreds of flowers.

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