Shi Zhongquan "Strictly Governance Party" is the soul of "four comprehensive"

Shi Zhongquan "Strictly Governance Party" is the soul of "four comprehensive"

The rich content contained in the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts is the great achievements of the reform and opening up for more than 30 years. To truly implement the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, the most crucial is to do "comprehensive strict governance of the party".

Because in contemporary China, the core power of socialism is the Chinese Communist Party, China is stronger, and the Chinese people want a well-off, the Chinese nation should rise, and they are inseparable from the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

It has a very rich connotation from severely administering to the party and is also very important. In terms of four comprehensive functional functions, the vision of a well-off society is better, not strengthening and improving the party’s leadership, and it is unable to achieve the party.

Comprehensive deepening reform is a combat battle, promoting national governance system and governance ability modernization, if it does not strengthen and improve the party’s leadership, it is not comprehensive to manage the party and cannot be realized.

Similarly, the whole is comprehensive, and there is such a thousand people in China to build a legal society in China, which does not strengthen and improve the party’s leadership. It is not fully practiced.

Therefore, in the four comprehensive strategic layouts, it is comprehensive from the strict governance of the party with "soul". This is why, "four comprehensive" souls are the fundamental of "strictly govern the party". "Comprehensive from stricting party" is proposed in October 2014, it has always been an important part of the party’s construction theory.

In front of the strict treatment party, the word "comprehensive" is added, but it is not only there to cover the party’s ideological construction, organizational construction, style construction, anti-corruption construction and system construction, but more importantly, it has many new connotations. . This new connotation first is that it emphasizes the close combination of thought to join the party and the system.

There is a misunderstanding for a long time, thinking that the thinking of the party has been resolved, and it is not necessary to emphasize it, so there is more ideological construction when talking about the party’s construction. Xi Jinping’s speech in the party’s mass line education practice activity will re-establish the party problem, which significantly increases the importance of this problem to a new height.

Not only that, Xi Jinping also put forward the system of the system for the first time in the speech, from the strict governance of the party, "insisting on the close combination of the ideology and the system." In the past, the party’s construction generally talked about the system construction, what is the meaning of the system? Xi Jinping’s speech on the Third Plenary Session of the Third Plenary Session of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Plenary Session in February 2014 also emphasized the leadership system, organizing system issues more fundamental, global, stability and long-term, and thinking that this is our party with new Angle thinking about the issue of the national governance system. With such awareness-speaking pad, the speech of the General Assembly in the Party’s Line Education Practice Activity has put forward the "Institutional Governance Party", and will mention a new height in the past long-term system construction. Why do you want to make this improvement, this is because there is a significant shortcomings in the past system construction. This is, one is lack of long-term, solid fundamental macrological constraint system; the second is that the system has not sound, it is too weak, too principled thick lines, vulnerability, and more; There is no toughness that is often arrested, and strictly scatters, often emphasizes that the superior examination is a while, more is to do a surface article, with payable, did not want to truly solve the problem.

Now in order to whole – range from severely administering the party, implementing thinking, we must pay close attention to the issue of institutional construction. Only the two are closely combined, the Chinese Communist Party can be strong with hard bones.

In fact, the ideological establishment of the party and the system, the party is two important aspects that must be inevitably. The two are not only at the same time, with the same direction, and the two parties have to go through each other, but must make the process of strengthening the party to strengthen the party’s process, but also make the process of strengthening the party to strengthen the party. Process. Thoughts and Construction Party must accompany the system to govern the party, which is the essence of strict governance parties. In the whole, the new connotation of the party is strictly governing the party, in addition to the basic innovation ideas of the party and the system, at least there are at least this point: one is the combination of the standard and the rules, the standard is the treatment of the cure.

In the past, it also told the symptoms and symptoms. There was no clear point in a period. The result is that the governance is not protruding, and it has not been able to curb the high momentum of the heart; the cure is not clear, there is no clear "this", how to rule this.

The second is to concentrate on education activities and ideological education, and combine and perform the work.

The third is a combination of political life and abide by political rules within the party. (The author is the original deputy director of the Central Party Survey Research Office).